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Magic Bleu Nutrition
introduces NuVision!


 Nourish your Eyes! Like they've NEVER been nourished before!

your eyes with

NuVision eye drops

Advanced formula
Lutein and Zeaxanthin*

Notable difference may be seen in just days.
Bigger differences after longer use.

Warning:   There are no known or reported side effects. 
However, not to be used and/or caution if you have a viral disease of the eye, significant virulent eye disease, or heavy eye discharge.  Consult your doctor before use.

Give your eyes back their sparkle with NuVision!

You get one "two bottle" set for
...it's worth it!

This item has NOT been evaluated by the FDA.

WARNING:  Discontinue use if irritation of the eye occurs, and use pure Saline or antibiotic eye drops or anti-biotic eye ointment quickly to minimize the irritation, and/or consult a physician.

*Lutein and Zeaxanthin helps the eyes from "worsening" and may be helpful to improve vision.

Eye drops come with a "born on" date, so you will be aware of the date they were created.  In general, discard at your own discretion.  Do not use if the solution changes color or becomes cloudy.

You just may see the "new" you!

Free Official Eye Chart you can download to test your vision!  

It's the official Snellen eye chart! 

Try this BEFORE you use the drops, and record your findings HONESTLY.

Then, AFTER the drops, to see if you see better than before!

Then, email me your results!  Obviously, discontinue the drops if there is little or no improvement and discontinue if it's worse.   Legally, I can't say things like "throw out your glasses and contacts" after you use this, so bear that in mind.  I really want to say those things though, for some people it might make sense.   However, legally I can't, but give these a try for a couple of months.  One order can last that long.  The improvement might be gradual or even un-noticeable at first.  Everybody's different.  For some it could be awesome, and for others it could be nothing at all. 

In any case, I still think "it's worth it" and you should give it a try!

If you are on Food Stamps or Welfare, and can provide some sort of viable proof of that, I will reduce the cost of these for you.  Email for more information.


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