introduces NuVision 

Notable difference may be seen in just days.
     Bigger differences after longer use.

       Our formula contains Lutein,  Bilberry, and other ingredients to make your eyes better as soon as instantly! *
   *The time varies.  In general, allow 2-3 weeks to notice significant improvement.

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                            INSTRUCTIONS:    As with all things we sell, use at your own risk. 
                              Discontinue use if irritation of the eye occurs. Keep REFRIGERATED.  
                                     The size of each bottle is 2ml, and each one should last a month or more  depending on use.  
                    1-2 drops in each eye daily is recommended.

                        CAUTION:   Do not use if drops seem tampered with or if the drops have become considerably
                   abnormal in appearance.
                                 If you recently purchased these drops and the drops look abnormal to you, take photos of
                  them and email them to us.  From there you can return them for a refund.  KEEP DROPS  IN A DRY COOL PLACE. 
                          No hexane or derivatives are used or added to produce these drops in order to protect
                       both safety and potency of the key ingredients.

                Warning:  There are no known or reported side effects. 
                         However, not to be used and/or caution if you have a viral disease of the eye,
                        significant virulent eye disease, or heavy eye discharge.  Consult your doctor before use.